Dr. Rossee is a wonderful and talented healer. I travel all the way from Birmingham, Al for body work and whole body healing. I have never met a Doctor who is so focused on healing not only the symptom but identifying the root of the problem.
Dr. Rossee is constantly increasing her knowledge so she can share the benefits with her patients.
I am very honored and blessed to call Dr. Rossee not only my Doctor but also my friend. If you are in search of a great healer, look no further because, in my opinion, Dr. Rossee is that person.

Sandra Killgore

After this session and during the week I experienced the following:
1. I had 0 interest any longer in the presidential race although I was fervent in reading and sending information to others regarding the candidates
2. Had 2 heavy crying spells for no particular reasons of 20-30 min each
3. Although I am in excellent health, exercise routinely I am unable to move these 25 lbs. of unwanted body weight. During this week I began to no longer think about it or acknowledge it.
4. I had a new sense of feeling and understanding of others’ feelings and why they act as they do
5. Felt more peaceful for an uncharted future

Session 2

After this session and continuing:

1. Same procedures as last week, but now my atlas seemed tight and sore –
2. Frustrations were all week in many forms. Yet I had, and continue to have, heightened awareness of everything. With this I have learned I have no control over anything; only control over my reactions to everything. Stop trying to control. It’s not worth it. Was the message.
3. While in the 10 min integration period I could see 12 or more glowing, formless, lighted, golden beings, moving in a procession one after the other to my left side. As though they were on a conveyor belt of some kind. One actually came right in front of me staring into my face. Not golden, not glowing – not male or female. I have had many encounters with beings throughout my life but have never seen so many in such a short time period.

So overall I have a heightened intuitive awareness of other’s actions and I am reminded to stop controlling and judging.
This was a great technique that everyone can use to make positive changes to their lives. I would recommend it for everyone.

Eileen Flick

I began a treatment process with Dr. Rossee thinking that I had no named illness. Only the disappointment of a constant feeling of being unwell. On my first appointment, she suggested working on my emotions. I had no idea how much treating my emotions would drastically change my physical health and my life. Working on my emotions with Dr. Rossee has in no small way dismissed phobias, removed stress, managed pain, balanced relationships, improved my vision (physical eyesight), changed the health of my hair, skin and nails… and the list goes on and on. Her approach makes so much sense and brought such immediate results that I cannot imagine taking any other path to health and healing outside of her holistic approach. Under her care the results have been so amazing and instant. She is truly gifted, talented, and blessed as a Doctor, Educator, and Person of Godly counsel. She has helped me add so much (of myself) into my life. You will find in her care truth, compassion and great love. I thank you Dr. Rossee for the amazing impact you have had in my life. Always Grateful.

Lisa G

Dr. Rossee is always the first practitioner with whom I consult for any health concerns. Her knowledge of and expertise/experience in natural protocols, alternative treatments, and product are comprehensive and unsurpassed. Above all, her intuition on all levels – spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical – is formidable and instrumental in helping me create and maintain great health and vitality! I feel deeply blessed to have found her.

Carol A.

Just attended a great workshop on health and detox at Rossee’s. So glad I did!
I learned a lot and was often amazed, even tho I’ve done some reading on my own on these topics. Her answers to questions were no-nonsense and very informative.
During one exercise, we had to place our hands over our heart and meditatively focus on our heart. During this exercise the Divine revealed Itself so powerfully to me that my heart felt fire-hot and ready to explode, spontaneous tears poured down my cheeks, and I became literally unable to speak. The living Presence of the Divine was so gorgeous, so “high,” so non-linear and Alive, I was unable to perceive anything else. I knew that this Magnificence had come out of my heart, where it lives in everyone.
I stood spellbound by its beauty and feeling, unaware of my body, until I heard a tiny voice whisper, ‘you’re supposed to move to the next person…’ and like a robot, I shuffled off. I must’ve looked like a zombie!haha! If the intensity of the experience hadn’t subsided, I wouldn’t have been able to finish the workshop.
I’m very grateful for the consciousness level of Rossee and this particular group of people. It was they who supported this level of manifestation.

Diane M.

Years ago I was diagnosed with RA and last year around July/August had a major flare up. The medical doctor, I was seeing, was urging me to get on a very strong type of medication. I was hesitant if not reluctant to proceed with the treatment he was advising and so I decided to look for an alternative. With the help of my wife, we made contacts that lead us to Dr. Rossee. To make the story short, Dr. Rossee quickly gained my confidence with the common sense approach she followed. Though results were not immediate, I soon learned that the results/success were directly related to how much responsibility I would take to follow the advice Dr. Rossee gave and to undergo the various therapies, changes in lifestyle, etc. that she thought I should do. — I can say with all certainty that the treatment she put me through has made a definite difference in my overall health. I went from, at one point, being unable to effectively work to where I am now where I can do most things. Being treated by Dr. Rossee has been a life changing experience for me on the physical and spiritual levels. She has my complete and utter trust. More specifically, as far as RA goes, Dr. Rossee showed me, by the changes observed in my health, that factors the medical profession overlooked were very important and that by treating those causes, I have seen tremendous results. I whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone that is open to the idea that good health has both a spiritual and physical dimension and that as individuals we are ultimately responsible for the quality of our lives.

R Gonzalez

If you’re serious about your health, run, don’t walk to one of Dr. Rossee’s rare workshops.
She will share with you valauable, unusual ways to take your self-care to an extraordinary level so that you can experience vitality and energy. Although I have been a student of well-being and nutrition all my life, I learned about many products and techniques that will improve my health that I didn’t know existed. Thank you Rossee.

sandra niven

Twenty-eight years ago I met Dr. Rossee and she changed my life, treating my physical as well as emotional issues. She is very clear on which procedure and supplements to use. She really cares and she’s not just looking for the blessed bucks. Thanks for always being there, Dr. Rossee.


Dr. Rossee has treated me for all sorts of health issues. I can give you a clue about her that will help you receive the best treatment possible. “Take responsiblity for your health.” If you should become confused about who is responsible, she will inform you that you will find out by looking in the mirror. Also, fear comes from not facing GOD. Ask yourself, “Where is your faith?” If, in fact, you remove and treat the cause, the body heals itself. And, if you should need more care, she is behind you and supports your efforts. She is truly an amazing doctor and treats everyone the way she would want to be treated. She will give of herself until you feel and see results. Oh, if there is a problem, she will get to the cause of it. When you go to her office, you will not believe how much better life is when your treatment plan is finished. I have been diagnosed with insulin resistant diabetes and through my continued treatments, I am doing very well. I love her and all her patients feel the same way. You will meet people from all walks of life just by stepping into her treatment areas. You will be blessed beyond your dreams to just meet her. She is a light from heaven.

Evelyn B.

I first met Dr. Rossee at a function in my home. I was so drawn to her and her vibrancy. I wanted what she had. A great outlook on life, a healthy glow about her and don’t let me forget that most wonderful laugh that lights up the world. I decided to go and see her for health related issues that I had seen many other doctors, both medical and natural doctors, without any results. Never did I expect to receive the loving treatment that I got from her. I can tell you today without a doubt that Dr. Rossee has helped me in so many ways on a physical, mental and spiritual path. Today, I feel better and look better. I have lost weight, my skin has cleared up, my hair is growing again and I feel vibrant. I am now better able to do my job. Try out the Voice Remapping, IT IS THE GREATEST gift to your well being. She knows what she is talking about when it comes to knowing how to heal your WHOLE SELF! Much Love to you, Dr. Rossee.

Jill Marie Combine

My son, Michael Lee, who is 22 years old, had been acting different for the past 6 months. He could not sleep well and would get angry very easily. Too, his eyes were looking bigger than normal, and he had a goiter. His heart rate was very rapid, so I was worried that he was going to have a heart attack. I took him to a MD to run blood work on his thyroid, since my husband and myself both have thyroid problems. The blood work came back, and the doctor said he had hyperthyroid and wanted him to start on a drug to control it. I called Dr. Rossee for help, as I did not want my son to be on a drug that could kill the thyroid, making it necessary for him to be on a drug for the rest of his life. She ask me to get another blood test done that would get to the root of the problem. So I did, and the problem was not the thyroid. He was actually producing T-antibodies, and his pituitary was not functioning normally. She put him on the Life System and it confirmed what she said as well. She started treating him right away and within a couple of days, he felt better and his heart rate was normal, his eyes are back to normal, and his goiter has gone. She is truly a blessing. I feel I have my son back. She has saved my son from permanent damage that the MDs would have done. We are so grateful to have her in our lives.

Shelby Galloway

Dr. Rossee has an incredible gift to assist us in returning to our true nature. I met her in 1996 and from that day forward I began my journey back to wholeness. Since that day my life has never been the same! She helped me to realign my focus from my symptoms back to their origin; the spiritual, mental and emotional self while still treating the outcome of my challenges on the physical level. I deeply appreciated her relentless and loving approach to guiding me to the core of my imbalances. I experienced powerful results from an array of modalities she uses in her practice. I am so very grateful for Dr. Rossee’s commitment to support myself and my family on our journey back to vibrant health, joy and wellbeing.

Sheree Zink

One day I met a friend who looked so happy and vibrant, I said “I want to do what you are doing,” and that was Voice Remapping with Dr. Rossee. I immediately made an appointment, and it was the best gift I could have ever given to myself. I believe it was more effective than 10 years of therapy would have been. Dr. Rossee lovingly brings you to the realization that you are responsible for your life and your emotions, and in doing so you are set free from any limitations you thought you had. Thank you, Dr. Rossee, for helping me to reclaim my power and restoring me to emotional, physical, and spiritual well being.
With much love and gratitude,

Barbara Costides

After only the first visit, I can say that Dr. Rossee is a great therapist for the body and the mind. With repeat visits, I can see great, life changing improvements on the way.

Kerry Denton


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