Divine Light

The goal of the Divine Plan of God is to create a heaven-like world on the earth. The role of mankind is to achieve this goal by using the earth’s material resources. Human beings, however, have become obsessed with materialism. This has led to their forgetting God and the reason for their existence. Additionally, it has led to the clouding of the human soul with spiritual pollution, also known as sin or negative karma.

It has become clear that these problems will not be solved by manmade theories or technology. The answer is to purify the soul and return to a God-centered way of life. Divine Light is the art of spiritual purification. It is practiced by radiating a purifying energy, Divine Light, from the hand. This Light dissolves spiritual impurity and gradually allows a person to realize his full inner potential. Health and well-being are also progressively restored. This revitalized condition occurs quite naturally as the impurities of the body and soul are erased. Even, the poisons currently found in our food and in the environment can be purified by this powerful energy.

The opportunity to radiate the Divine Light is available to every person who completes the primary level, three day seminar. Experience is the best teacher, and everyone is encouraged to experience this practice for himself. Join us in our passionate and joy filled vision of creating a more God-centered, spirit-first way of life.

To experience this Divine Light or to learn more about the Divine Light, please contact our local center, Sukyo Mahikari, (True Light) in Decatur at 404-371-8002. Or, you may experience Divine Light through Dr. Rossee each Tuesday, 1:00PM to 6:00PM by calling 770-956-1715 or 770-241-0286 for an APPPOINTMENT. You must make an appointment to receive the Divine Light.

I look forward to meeting all of YOU and thank you for the blessing of the opportunity to radiate God’s precious Divine Light to you.

Here are some experiences……

“……clinical data show remarkable and unexpected progress in some cases initially considered as medically hopeless….it seems clear that for medicine to progress, it must consider the spirit, mind and body. It is refreshing to find that the spiritual aspect, the most important, can be improved through the Divine Light.”
Dr. J.B.

“…..how fortunate I was to be guided to the Divine Light. My whole life began to change completely from the very first session of receiving Divine Light. I expereienced real inner peace and my attitude to the world in general became positive and harmonious.
Everything began to fall into place for the first time, and with my business, I was able to find properties that buyers were happy with, so my income dramaticaly increased and I was saved from bankruptcy.”
David M.

“…..I had heard that the Divine Light would improve children’s behavior and school work. However, I was very surprised when it happened to my daughter who is in 11th grade. She got an “A” in math for the first time, a subject which she has never liked and had always made an average or below average grade. I can’t help noticing how my children have also improved in manners, and in helping me.”
Moira S.

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