Biofeedback Therapy

Life Systems Biofeedback Therapy

The future of medicine is vibrational, energetic medicine. Energetic medicine recognizes the whole of the patient (the spiritual body, the emotional/mental body, and the physical body) rather than the parts. Energetic medicine believes that the human body expresses core underlying causes that go much deeper than symptoms. The significant benefit to energetic medicine is that it offers advanced perspectives on the true causes of dis-ease without virtually any side effects and at very low costs.

Our biology has a voice through biofeedback. It is a state-of-the art system to detect and treat stress in the body. It does a complete test of the body using 7,000 frequency signatures one at a time. It test for parasites, fungus/yeast, virus, bacteria, blood toxins, heavy metals, inflamed and degenerative organs, the spine, the skin, hormonal levels, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzyme imbalances, heart and brain function, detoxification, and emotional cellular memory. Cellular identification of stress through the energetic state of the body and the direction your body is focusing its energy. After measuring the body’s frequencies, the system feeds back its own frequencies to neutralize destructive energetic patterns. Biofeedback supports the body’s homestasis (balance) cellularly.

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